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Devil Digital gets its name from the native Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) a carnivorous marsupial found only in Tasmania.

Tasmanian Devils are widespread and fairly common throughout Tasmania, but are quickly dying from the deadly 'Devil Facial Tumour'.

If you are concerned about the plight of these iconic Tasmanian natives, visit our Tasmanian Devil page and find out how you can help save this endangered native!

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The Advantages of a Strong Brand Name

John Robinson

A strong brand name is a smart marketing tool with the potential to turn any product or service into a household name. But good brand names don’t happen overnight. It takes extensive research and a lot of time and money to create the proper brand name, and even the best brand name doesn’t guarantee the success of a product. However, not creating a strong name can be even costlier for a product or service in the long-run.

High Consumer Awareness

A strong brand name stands on its own and stays in the public consciousness for a longer period of time. However, a brand name that isn’t memorable or easily identifiable with the product will quickly fade away from the memory of the consumer and even sales of the highest quality products will suffer as a result. In addition, a weak brand name can result in a loss of “word of mouth” advertising and without a stand-out name; sales will be lost to a product with a more dynamic name instead.

Customer Loyalty

Repeat sales are the cornerstone of any effective marketing campaign. Consumers, once attached to a brand, will repeatedly purchase the brand of items they use every day. These products generally have such a following that the brand name becomes synonymous with the product itself.  A strong brand name will entice consumers to purchase the product or use the service time after time and will give your business an edge in an increasingly competitive market.

Increased Sales

Of course, customer loyalty and awareness means higher sales. However, a strong brand name affects future revenue as well. A good name increases brand equity, where the name generates feelings within the consumer. A brand name with a strong customer following means that the company may be able to increase the price of the product, resulting in higher revenue. A strong name may even umbrella out to similar products or services which creates a unique brand identity.

Bottom Line

It takes money, time and resources to create a strong brand name, but it’s not an area a business should skimp on, particularly when launching a fledging product or service. Companies need to consider the importance of proper branding and its impact, not only on current sales, but future revenue as well.

John Robinson is an Online Solutions Provider at webZplus in Melbourne and a (very) part time blogger, he contributes to many industry forums and blogs - webZplus

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