Devil Digital provides online advertising solutions to clients across all business sectors. Our capabilities include ad creation, deployment and reporting across traditional websites, social networks and blog sites.

Online advertising is the paid promotion of an organisation, its products and services on the internet to increase website traffic and influence buyer decisions.

Advertising online is different from every other advertising medium, highly targeted search engine or website placement allows site visitors to interact directly with the advertisement.

The key benefit of advertising online is the ability to choose to only pay for the number of visits your advertisement generates (CPC) or for the number of times your ad is displayed (CPM) which is a cost effective way to build your brand.

Our network of websites offers unique opportunites within Tasmania and other niche markets. Devil Digital can show you how you can complement your traditional advertising with a targeted online campaign.

Online advertising offers a lower cost than other traditional advertising - all businesses can take advantages of online advertising even those without their own website!

CPC - Cost per click advertising protects you by fixing the amount you pay for each click, and sets a maximum price on how much you'll pay.

CPM - The cost per 1000 impressions model is based on how many times your ad appears on a website (impressions) it can offer a lower cost option and is also effective for building your brand.